Alternatives that your waist line loves


  1.  Say Goodbye to pasta and hello to ZOODLES and SPAGHETTI SQUASH 
    1. Did you know 1 CUP of pasta is around 220 kcal
    2. 1 CUP of spaghetti squash is 42 kcal + 1 medium zucchini is 33 kcal
  2. Peanut Butter meet PB2
    1. 2 TBS of peanut butter is 190 cal and is fully processed
    2. PB2 is 45 kcal for 2 TBS (don’t get me wrong its still processed) but less oils, just peanuts, water, + salts
  3. Milks new BFF is almond milk!
    1. Low cal and does not contain lactose
    2. DID YOU KNOW: humans should be lactose intolerant. Animal milk is meant for animals, not humans
  4. Your fave snack options (but their better halves)
    1. Skinny Girl or Smartfood delight popcorn – 35kcal a cup
    2. Pretzel thins – 100 kcal for 42 pretzels
  5. My fave … french fries!
    1. 1 oz = 88 kcal, thats a lot of calories for something so easy to overeat
    2. Baked sweet potato fries are just as good! – way more calorie friendly + are better for you!
      1. Cut your sweet potato to your desired size, sprinkle with salt and a little bit of oil, toss and bake at 450°C
    3.  Better then that? Butternut squash.
      1. 1 oz = 12 kcal
      2. Cut, sprinkle with salt and a little oil, roast in oven at 450°C  and there you have it a healthier version of french fries! (trust me, once you add ketchup you wont miss the calorie dense version)
      3. Butternut squash can become your new BFF- used in soup, as home fries whatever you desire!
  6. Cauliflower
    1. Great substitution for rice!

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